How to Care for Macrame

Macramé Care and Cleaning Guide

Cotton fiber comes from a cotton plant, which makes it a 100% natural material. Cotton is soft and pleasant to touch, yet it is very durable. To ensure your new macramé art lives a long a happy life, please follow our instructions on proper care and maintenance.

Hanging your macramé

  • Cotton fiber macramé pieces are meant to be used indoors. If you plan on hanging your art outdoors, ensure you protect it from the sun and water exposure.
  • Keep the fibers away from an open flame (candles, fireplaces)

Cleaning your macramé:

Dust/dirt accumulation

  • Spot clean with white, damp cloth using a mild detergent
  • Always use cold water to prevent shrinkage
  • Avoid any detergents with bleach
  • To dry, hang in a well ventilated area

Spilled coffee/wine

  • Clean while the stain is fresh
  • Run your item under the cold tap through the back of the stain for 3-5 minutes, and then rub the stain gently
  • Use mild detergent as needed

Be on a lookout for pests

  • Like any other natural fiber (for example, wool or silk) cotton can become a food source for various pests. To prevent this from happening, make sure to remove any dust at least once a month from your macramé by using a white damp cloth and duster.


  • Your macramé piece may be a little wrinkled from the shipping journey when it arrives to you; You can iron or use a steamer on your macramé to smooth it out. 

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