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Hanging Glass Terrarium (Triple Propagation Station)

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Bring nature into your home with our Native Hanging Glass Pots! This propagation station looks amazing in your home or office 🌱

Grow your favourite flowers and herbs in water (also called hydroponic cultivating). Plants that are grown in water grow faster, using less water, and generally require less maintenance compared to those grown in soil.

Reasons Why You Will LOVE our Hanging Propagation Terrariums!

✅ Add a touch of elegance to your home and office
✅ Perfect for plant propagation beginners
✅ They make PERFECT gifts!
✅ Are easy to use and maintain
✅ Allow you to grow your own flowers and herbs
✅ Bring Nature into your home
✅ Cleans and purifies your air from the plants you grow
✅ Eco-Friendly Design
✅ Made from premium materials


 How to Use:

Place your station in indirect sunlight, fill the glass propagation vessels with water, and submerge the plant cuttings of your choice. Once the roots of your cuttings develop, they can be transferred to soil or live permanently in your propagation station.


Product details:

  • Stable and strong wooden base
  • 3 x Glass vases (bulbs) made to last
  • Gives a great environment for plants to grow and cuttings to propagate
  • Well packed to ensure no damage during shipping 
  • DOES NOT include any plants or decorative items

✅ Unique design (Not sold in stores)
✅ 30 Day Money-back guarantee 
✅ FREE Shipping Australia

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